Angels & Fairy Party

Fairy Fantasies and Angels from Heaven


Angels and Fairies

Create a  themed party with our range of assorted fairies and angel themed paintable shapes.  Accessorise or embellish with craft products like stickers, string, wire, gems etc.

Stock suggestions:

  • CLDPAC231 Bag with angel relief  
  • CLDPAC285 Angel
  • CLDPNO110 Angel
  • CLDPNO740 Hanging Angels Assorted 
  • CLMC023 Woodland Fairy
  • CLMC024 Asking Fairy
  • CLMC025 Dreaming Fairy
  • CLMC026 Calling Fairy  
  • CLMC034 Side Sitting Fairy
  • CLMC035 Cross Legged Fairy  
  • CLMC036 Fairy Dish
  • CLMC044 Toadstool Fairy
  • CLMC076 Horseback Fairy 

End the party with a pin on the angel or fairy game (instead of pin the on donkey).

Paint with Americana Acrylics or offer the Paint Pot Sets for a great assortment of mini pots of paint! 

Don't forget that glitter paints will add that special sparkle