Brush Care & Cleaning

Brush preservation, cleaning & care






Brush Care

No matter what quality of brush you acquire it is very important to look after them as carefully as you can. 

  • Wash them out after use with a gentle detergent.
  • Stand brushes on their handles, not on their brush heads. 
  • Clean the brushes in a specialist cleaning product from time to time to remove paint from the ferrules (brush joint).  Country Love Crafts stock Brush Cleaner. 
  • Try to keep a separate set of brushes for adults. 

Brush Cleaning Advice:

Proper Cleaning requires the following steps:

  • If necessary, use proper cleaning for the paint you are using to remove as much colour as possible.
  • Use a brush cleaner or mild soap for final cleaning.
  • Wet the brush in lukewarm water and work up a lather by gently rubbing your brush on the soap container or on the palm of your hand.
  • Rinse in clean water.
  • Repeat until lather shows no trace of colour.
  • Make sure colour is out of your brush.
  • Rinse thoroughly, shape your brush and put away to dry.
  • These simple rules have to be followed with sable, bristle and synthetic brushes.

Brush Preservation Advice:

  • Clean brush as indicated but use hot water.
  • Allow lather to remain on bristles/filaments a few minutes.
  • If necessary, tap bristles on hard surface to work paint out.
  • To clean paint from ferrule, allow lather to remain on bristles/filaments for several hours and repeat cleaning process.
  • Leave lather on bristles/filaments, shape and allow to dry.