Brush Types & Styles

Brush selection





Brush Selection

Which brush is the right brush to choose for your craft project - round brush, mop brush, liner brush, flat brush, bristle brush, blender brush, quill brush, filbert brush, oval brush, chisel brush, rake brush, angle brush, dome brush, sumi brush, script brush, comber brush, deerfoot brush, dry brushing brush?

Brush Selection Advice:

  • Acrylics tend to wear our brushes faster than any other medium.
  • Using a cheap brush will probably hamper the new artist’s progress.
  • Poor quality, low priced brushes have no spring in them and more often than not, the bristles fall out.
  • When buying a watercolor brush, make sure it has a good point on it.
  • Brushes should be kept clean and stored either flat or upright on the handle.
  • If possible, do not load paint over the ferrule; this paint might go into it and start to ruin the brush shape.
  • Never allow any paint to dry on your brush, always rinse it with clean water, every time you stop painting.