Brush Selection & Uses

Strokes, blending, shading, detail




Brush Uses

The range of brushes available in the market place is huge. For the inexperienced artist or crafter it is all too easy to select a completely inappropriate set of brushes. 

The range of brushes we supply have been chosen for durability, suitability and economy.  The needs of children, adults and artists have also been taken into consideration.  Country Love Crafts sell brushes individually or in retail packs.  We also sell brush packs (some made in-house), carry cases and wallets.  There are different brush handle styles (soft grip, triangular, wood or acrylic) and an assortment of brush hair (squirrel, camel, sable, fitch, taklon and nylon).

Liner brushes

Liner brushes are good for lines, outlining, detail and precision work.

Mop brushes

Mop brushes are good for banding and applying good amounts of colour (or glaze).

Round brushes

Round brushes are a versatile brush suitable for most design work and painting

Fan brushes

Fan brushes are great for applying a good amount of colour or glaze, for blending colours and for stippling and graining effects.

Flat and shader brushes

Flat and shader brushes are good for design work. A flat paint brush provides lots of colour capacity and easy manoeuvrability. Used for bold, sweeping strokes, or on edge for fine lines.