Chalkboard Craft Paints

Chalks Away!




Personalise A Message On Your Craft Project

Turn a wide range of surfaces into chalkboards with this great new paint. Easily brush on this non-toxic, water based paint to create a memo board, canister labels, wall decor and much more!  

Can be applied on wood, canvas, papier mache, walls, posterboard, terracotta and most porous surfaces.  It is perfect for funky bedrooms, community centres, schools or playroom walls.

Here are some ideas:  menu board for kitchen, gift bags/boxes, canisters, storage bins, jam jar labels, toy boxes, children's desks, walls, food or drinking trays, price tags, doors, tabletops, message boards, home furniture like cabinets, doors, wooden frames etc. 

If you need help, please speak to a member of the sales team on 01235 861700.  Wholesale discounts, trade supplies.