Clock Mechanisms & Movements


Make Your Own Clocks

We supply a range of Clock Mechanisms and movements that are suitable for our clock shapes:

  • CLMC144 Clock Face round
  • CLMC376 Heart Mantle or Desk Clock

You can also use other selections of pre-drilled Bisque but you will need to consider the spindle length and thickness of the glaze.

CLICK HERE to view and choose from our current range of clock movements.

There are short or long spindles with either pendant or straight hands in various lengths. We have mechanisms with built in hooks for hanging and some without which are designed for use with free standing items.  We also supply a 'no tick' single sweep mechanism with plastic hands.

  * Please note AA battery is not supplied.

Click here to see clock fitting instructions.

Clock examples:

Drilled bisque pottery plates (painted with acrylics):


Pre-drilled clock shapes (painted with underglaze, then clear-glazed and fired in a kiln):