Coloured Glaze and Underglaze

Pottery Painting & Ceramic Decoration


Pottery Colour (underglazes or glazes)

By "colour" we mean any product  (typically a glaze or underglaze) that can be painted onto bisque, possbily glazed with a transparent over glaze and then fired to give a permanent ceramic finish. We include in this definition coloured and speciality glazes that can be painted onto bisque and fired in their own right to give a permanent ceramic finish. 

There are a number of ready-mixed, vibrant colours or more subtle earthy tones with transclucent or opaque finishes. Most of the colours we supply are child-friendly, non-toxic and non-staining.  Beware of other suppliers that sell glazes and underglazes with banned substances. 

Our underglaze ranges are compatible with our bisque and clear glaze options (i.e. bisque fired to 1060°c or cone 04 with a recommended glaze fire of 1020°c or cone 06).

We have 100's of assorted fired colours or fired products!

Our huge assortment of underglazes, glazes, specialty items and fired products will suit any budget no matter what your business - Ceramic Studios, Clay Cafes or Traditional Potters.   Orders are typically despatched within 24-48 hours of receipt of order.