Craft Painting Kits - take home, take away

Flexible Craft Kit Options



Take home craft painting kits

Customers can collect kits to take home and decorate items.  Once the “hirer” has finished the kit is returned.  It can be convenient for both the customer and business owner.  These kits are a great idea for a children’s party or sleepover activity, perfect for a group get-together or a memorable activity for special event or occasion.

Remember to include everything needed to organise a DIY painting party or event (click on the links to see the items we sell):

Top Tips:

  • Add up the costs (remember to include delivery charges & VAT).  Multiply your costs by two and sell!
  • Always ensure that the customers pay a deposit to cover all the materials that they take away.  That way, if the kit is not returned your costs are covered.
  • Wnsure there is a time limit for “hiring” the kit.  Just like wine glass hire, organise a set fee up to and including the return date (e.g 1 or 2 days later) and then an additional daily fee per day thereafter.
  • Generally, the hirer pays for the item that is painted and the price of each piece includes the costs of paints, wear and tear of tools and items contained within the kit.
  • Include a kit list to check off that the correct items are returned.

See example kits below for inspiration: