Craft Palette Knives

Mixing and application


Craft Palette Knives

Palette knives are great for a number of craft projects  Painting and palette knives are made specifically for painting on canvas and mixing colours. Most are strong but flexible.  Use for applications of acrylics, oils, temperas or textured/dimensional craft products or paints.

CLENA T16 - Palette Knife - single metal palette knife with wooden handle * Please note that this item is currently in our Clearance range.

CLCV10314 - assorted pack of 5 palette knives. An assortment of 5 different sized and shaped pallet knives.

CLDADAS221 - Decoart Americana Palette Knives & Texture.  This tool sets works great with any of Decoart textured products

CLDADAS222 - Decoart Gloss Enamels Palette Knives.  Palette knives create interesting textures and unique effects.