Decopatch Business Starter Kits

Business Starter Packages - 24-48 hour despatch


Decopatch Starter Kits

£50 minimum order value.  Most items sold in split case quantities e.g glues sold singularly (as opposed to cases of 12 or 24 if ordering direct from manufacturer at 

We are happy to work with any size budget.  Call 01235 861700.  Tell us your proposed plans and we will help you work to your budget.  Alternatively, there are five easy kit "Decopatch  Business Starter Packagtes" available to buy.  . 

Click on the links below to view the contents via on our online shop. 

Options available are:

CLDPBKIT Small Sized or Basic Business Starter Pack/Starter Kit - 32 Designs
Half Packs (stand = 2 rows, single sided)
Available within 24-48 hours from receipt of order for mainland UK (subject to availability)

CLDP45 - Medium Sized Business Starter Pack/Starter Kit
32 designs (stand = 2 rows, single sided)
CLDP46 - Medium Sized Business Starter Pack/Starter Kit
64 designs (stand = 2 rows, double sided)
CLDP47 - Large Sized Business Starter Pack/Starter Kit
48 designs (stand = 3 rows, single sided)
CLDP48 - Large Sized Business Starter Pack/Starter Kit
96 designs (stand = 3 rows, double sided)
Make your own Decopatch kits to sell

A full kit breakdown is shown on the attached document CLICK HERE to view.
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