Decopatch Furniture

Revamp, Re-style, Upcycle, Recycle, Accessorise or Embellish


Modernise Home Decor With This Simple Decorating Technique!

Decopatch is the new DIY craze!

Achieve paint effects by simply ripping and gluing an assortment of Decopatch papers.  Create colourful designs or just stick to one colour theme. Re-decorate furniture using this simple method. 

We have an amazing gallery of finished furniture pieces.  Click on the link for Decopatch/Decoupage  ideas and inspiration.

Don't forget, furniture from scrap merchants, DIY stores, garden centres, charity shops, car boot sales etc will make a bargain restoration project.  Happy Decopatching!

If you want to find out more about Decopatch, click here.

NB:  We are often asked how much paper to allow for a Decopatch project.  A good guideline for calculating potential paper usage is to add 50% more paper than the amount required to "pretend gift-wrap" the item being decorated e.g. if a papier mache giraffe would take approximately half a Decopatch sheet to gift wrap then allow three quarters of a sheet for the project. 



Visit our gallery by clicking on the following link: Decopatch/Decoupage