Decopatch Group Events

Points to consider or reminders




Our top tips for hosting an event are:

  • Take or show a few finished samples as inspiration for the group (one multi-coloured example and one single colour themed example).
  • Remember to have small pots on hand to dispense small amounts of glue (it means that the group do not need to use share large bottles of glue and minimises waste).
  • Supply brush pots filled with water and kitchen roll (to keep brushes as clean as possible)
  • Allow one Decopatch brush per person (and remember to take spares).
  • Organise extra supplies of glues and papers in case you run out. 
    • We are often asked how much paper to allow for a Decopatch project.  We calculate potential paper usage by adding 50% more than the amount of paper required to gift-wrap the item being decorated e.g. if a papier mache giraffe would take approximately half a Decopatch sheet to gift wrap then allow three quarters of a sheet for the project.  This is a good guideline.
  • Use a container to store loose/ripped up papers.  All scraps of paper can be used so throw nothing away. 
  • Offer aprons (or old shirts) to protect artists's clothing from glue.
  • Show customers how good this is for re-cycling homeware items like furniture (the Decopatch Belem book is great for ideas) so that you can benefit from repeat orders
  • Have take-home kits ready to up-sell and prepare leaflets or discount vouchers to hand out for future sales/repeat business.

For more information call the office during opening hours on 01235 861700.

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