Decopatch Kits, Parties or Workshops

Creating Decopatch parties or workshops


Decopatch Party or Workshop

It has become popular to offer Decopatch craft parties for birthdays, charity events, ladies evenings, corporate team building sessions and much more.

The following advice may help you price, set-up and advertise potential options:

  • PRICE BANDS:  To address the various demographics and meet the needs of your Decopatch customer.  We recommend offering at least three price bands:
    • a value package
    • a premier package
    • middle-priced option. 


  • PROSPECTS:  Think about your target audience e.g. do you want your kit, workshop or party to target:
    • young children  e.g. birthday parties, school fairs, brownies, cubs, special needs.  If so, do you want to be gender specific i.e. a kit for the boys, one for the girls or a unisex option)
    • adults e.g. hen parties, ladies evenings, WI groups, care homes etc.
    • the personalised gift market e.g. mirrors, trinkets and home decor items
    • the DIY enthusiast e.g. furniture restoration, recycling or upcycling

  • PACKAGE or KIT COMBINATIONS:  Do you want to sell the ready-made (small box kits) from Decopatch.  There are fifteen keens to choose from.

    Alternatively, you may want to create and combine your own packages with other products, for example:
    • combining Decopatch with paint for furniture restoration or personalised gifts
    • using Decopatch paper on non-Decopatch shapes like wooden blanks, pottery blanks etc.
    • using Decopatch shapes to decorate with other products e.g. shabby chic style Decopatch frames (the two smaller items on the right-hand image are Decopatch paper mache shapes).
    • click here to find out more about making your own Decopatch kits

Here is a contents check list for kit or workshop packages:

  1. Shape (Decopatch, wood, pottery, card or other)
  2. Decopatch brush
  3. Decopatch glue (consider re-potting into smaller tubs)
  4. Varnish (optional)
  5. Paper selection (offer an assortment of full sheets, half sheets, quarter sheets or a combination of sizes)
  6. Instructions
  7. Marketing leaflet for re-ordering or booking future events.

NB:  We are often asked how much paper to allow for a Decopatch project.  A good guideline for calculating potential paper usage is to add 50% more paper than the amount required to "pretend gift-wrap" the item being decorated e.g. if a papier mache giraffe would take approximately half a Decopatch sheet to gift wrap then allow three quarters of a sheet for the project. 

If you need further help such as advice on prices to charge, timings etc then please call 01235 861700 or e-mail

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