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Decorative Craft Papers For Decoupaging/Decopatching


Decorate, Revamp, Makeover and Upcycle

Decorative papers can be used as a simple way to decorating items i.e. ceramics, wood, earthenware, terracotta, glassware, paper, metal, candles and soap and more. The papers can be glued to multiple surfaces and shapes and objects can be decorated with simple designs or, for the more adventurous, complex designs and arrangements.  After varnishing, the end result is a decorative item with a wonderful "paint effect" pattern or piece of artwork. 

Decopatch Papers

Decopatch paper packs are sold in packs of 20 sheets (this excludes some of the mixed paper packs - see "more details" on our online shop for pack sizes).  Each paper sheet measures 30cm x 40cm and circa 20 gsm.  As Decopatch papers are thin (like tissue paper) they produce a smooth texture.  They also produce a paint effect because the paper is deep-dyed and glazed. It will not break apart when glued, and the colours will never fade or run.  The papers are so thin and have excellent print quality so only one or two layers are required. 

Decopatch decoupage papers - alphabet
Decopatch decoupage papers - blacks and whites
Decopatch decoupage papers - blues
Decopatch decoupage papers - browns
Decopatch decoupage papers - Christmas
Decopatch decoupage papers - greens
Decopatch decoupage papers - greys and silvers
Decopatch decoupage papers - hearts
Decopatch decoupage papers - mixed packs
Decopatch decoupage papers - multi coloured
Decopatch decoupage papers - oranges
Decopatch decoupage papers - pinks
Decopatch decoupage papers - purples
Decopatch decoupage papers - reds
Decopatch decoupage papers - yellows and golds


Decorative Napkins are a great way to decorate or embellish craft projects or DIY creations.  Simply separate the layers of ply and gently glue the patterned ply onto your project.   Our range includes both traditional and contemporary creations in various colours, backgrounds, patterns and themes. 

Napkins - animal designs
Napkins - baby
Napkins - Christmas
Napkins - flowers
Napkins - girls
Napkins - hearts
Napkins - other

Deco Mache First Edition

Use the papers with Deco Mache glues. Sold in packs of three sheets (paper size is 26 x 37.5cm). This collection includes some of the most popular First Edition papers to date.  Easy to use and suitable for covering a variety of surfaces including wood, plastic, metal and glass.  Give new life to a treasured article or personalise an object to make it unique these papers will look great on any of your craft projects.  Manufactured with improved paper fibres.  27gsm.

Deco Mache Decoupage Paper - Christmas
Deco Mache Decoupage Paper - flowers
Deco Mache Decoupage Paper - other
Deco Mache Decoupage Paper - paisley and filagree
Deco Mache Decoupage Paper - polka and damask
Deco Mache Decoupage Paper - stripes and gingham