Dip Glazing Ceramic Pottery

Applying clear glaze on bisque pottery


Dip Glazing Pottery/Ceramics

Clear glazing adds a sparkling protective finish to wares.  There are a wide range of clear "ready-made" dipping and brushing glazes on the market.

Our glazes require very little skill or experience - you just need to know how to apply the products and make sure that the consistency (viscosity) of the glaze is appropriate for the clay (greenware) or bisqueware item that you intend to kiln fire.

Dipping items saves time and is especially good for businesses or establishments with high output.

Duncan Ceramics

Duncan Ceramics have produced an excellent step by step guide and process document to help novice glazers master the basics of glazing.  Click here to view the PDF. 

The documents below may also benefit ceramicists or potters: 

Support from Country Love

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