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The Hidden Capabilities Of Facebook

Training for Artists, Retailers, Workshop Providers, Crafters and Craft Businesses.

This course is not open to consumers/members of the public.

Facebook is a powerful marketing tool and networking forum that is often disregarded due to “lack of understanding” about its capabilities and the hidden advantages of using such a useful and FREE utility.

With over one billion people on Facebook, marketing through social media is no longer a good idea - it is ESSENTIAL for businesses. 

Facebook is all about "self glorifying".  Whilst this may not work for some of you on a personal level (e.g. you don't want to hear from friends about the progress of potty training), from a business perspective you need to continually promote/augment your business in order to survive. 

THINK ABOUT IT!  If people like your business page, they don't have to REMEMBER to check your website, call your business for updates or find out from friends or family about your latest news.  As long as you are an active user on your business page, your updates will automatically appear in their newsfeed.  This means that your products and services are hopefully stored sub consciously or even better, customers will react immediately to your post!  You are creating a one-stop-shop for their news and updates.

Whilst we are not claiming to Facebook experts, we have “learned along the way”, and have lots of top tips, knowledge and advice that we want to share i.e. our own research, results and mistakes made over the past few years.

This three hour basic start up training course is suitable for Craft or Ceramic Business owners.  It will include information about:

  • Creating a business page.
  • Liking, sharing, posting.
  • The hidden benefits (newsfeeds, viral effect, product development, opinions, local groups, advertising, search engine optimisation/improved Google ranking, visual aids, reputation).
  • Building relationships and interacting with customers and prospects.
  • Showcasing your business in an accessible manner.

Training notes will be provided. The course will include live access to Facebook.

Call 01235 861700 to book a space or send an e-mail enquiry to  Remember to let us know what date you are interested in booking and your contact information.


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Call 01235 861700 to book a space or send an e-mail enquiry to  

    Price:  £30 +VAT
    Time:  10am - 1pm