Fired Colour

Choosing the perfect pottery colour palette


Ceramic Decoration /Fired Colour Options

Whether you are looking for transluscent watercolour effects, high definition or rich/solid coverage, there is a wide range of pottery colour available on the market.  Country Love Crafts have a huge assortment of pre-mixed/ready mixed, liquid fired colour products.  Remember too that our products can be shipped within 24-48 hours of receipt of order. 

To help understand the options, here follows a summary of products that are used to decorate bisque pottery, typically known as "fired colour".


Fired colour that requires a clear glaze top coat to make food safe.


Fired colour. NB:  clear glaze is not required but "can be" applied.


Fired colour or specialty fired product that is applied over the top of a glazed surface.  This product is usually low-fired and not all lines are food-safe.

Within these ranges, the fired colours produce various finishes e.g. transluscent (brush strokes apparent), opaque (solid coverage), speckled, matt, satin, dimensional, self-antiquing, crystal, crackle and special effects.  Please read our other articles in this section to learn more about the various ranges and the options available.  Click here to go back to the main page.