Problems With Firing Reds, Pinks & Purples

Under-developed Colours or Textured Finishes


Imperfect Glazed Colours

Reds, pinks and purples are "sensitive colours" and can often appear under-developed after firing.  These oxygen sensitive colours can show improper colour development, colour loss or poor textures. 

  • Allow greater ventilation when firing to allow moisture and gases to escape and provide oxygen to the colour.
  • With these colours (and if possible) avoid placing pottery close to the direct heat of the kiln elements
  • Check soak times.  “Soak Time” is the time that the top temperature is held for (e.g. 1020 on most glaze firings).  It is usually circa 15-630 minutes.  The soak time enables each piece to hopefully reach the desired top temperature.
  • Avoid excess glaze application (as this prevents oxygenation)
  • Control or slow down the firing rate.

Orton Ceramics have produced a PDF on Firing Red Glaze CLICK HERE to view