Glass Paints & Pens

Decorating Glassware, Plastic and Glossy Surfaces 




Personalising, Embellishing or Painting Glass, Glazed Surfaces or Plastic  

Americana Gloss Enamels - Paint Pot Set or 2oz Bottles x37 colours
Versatile gloss glass paint perfect for painting glassware. Decorate, embellish or personalize glass, ceramic and wood ornaments and a variety of other surfaces.  Painted glassware may be baked for increased durability. Goes equally well on porous surfaces-no sealer required.  Painting Surfaces: Canvas, Ceramic bisque, Foam core, Glass, Glazed ceramics, Hard plastics, MDF, Metal, Papier mache, Terracotta, Wall board, Wood.       

Click here to watch an instructional project video - ceramic piggy bank

Glass Stains:  Glass Stains are a quality, self-levelling permanent, transparent glass paint with a glossy sheen colour.  They are ideal for filling suncatchers or staining on glass and clear plastic.  Glass Stains will give you beautiful results. Its thicker consistency makes it easier to coat surfaces with rich colour. Clear Glass Stain may be mixed with Glass Stain colours to achieve lighter, transparent shades or mixed with Americana Acrylics for opaque or translucent appearance. Apply with the bottle tip, brush, sponge or use Glass Stain as a pouring glaze over glass ornaments.  These glossy sheen glass paints can transform inexpensive suncatchers or glass objects into beautiful home accessories and gifts. 

As part of the above range, a Glass Stains Black Liquid Leading is also available.  This dimensional, opaque black glass paint is great for creating an outline edge/lip/border to create your own designs.  Once dry, fill with glass stains colours to produce a "stained glass" style or effect on projects.

Click here to watch an instructional video - suncatcher and glass vase.


CLDA TX01-10OZ - Paintable Clear Texture Glass Gel
Texture Glass is a gel-like product that dries clear. Easily applied with a palette knife, fan brush or texture tool.  Excellent adhesion qualities and no preparation is required on most surfaces.  Dries to a hard finish. Paintable.  Texture Glass can enhance the look of most hard surfaces e.g picture frames, vases, urns and other flat or smooth surfaces.  Painting Surfaces:  Canvas, Foam core, Glass, MDF, Metal, Papier mache, Wall board, Wood.

Click here to watch an instructional project video - glass vase 


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