Handbags and Gladrags Party

Dressed To Impress


Glitz and Glamour

Create a glitz and glamour party with our range of assorted, paintable shapes.

Add shimmer and shine with our range of pearlescent and metallic paint options.  You could even embellish with gems, sequins, stickers or other craft accessories.

Stock suggestions:

  • CLDPAC288 Princess Mask
  • CLMC126 Little Princess Hand Bag Money Box
  • CLDPAC232 Bag with tie relief
  • CLMC204 Tie Box
  • CLDPAC101 Twinslipper
  • CLDPAC114 Dress bag
  • CLDPAC115 Star Bag
  • CLDPAC116 Heart Bag
  • CLDPAC130 Mask
  • CLDPAC131 Mask
  • CLDPAC292 Mask Butterfly
  • CLDPAC307 Mask Flower
  • CLDPAC308 Mask Heart
  • CLDPAC309 Mask King
  • CLDPAC216 Mannequin
  • CLDPAC234 Bag with ribbon relief
  • CLDPAC241 Bag/Basket flower
  • CLDPAC242 Bag/Basket heart

Paint with Americana Acrylics or offer the Paint Pot Sets for a great assortment of mini pots of paint! 

Don't forget that glitter paints will add that special sparkle.