Image Transfer Art and Crafts

See how easy this technique is!


Image, Picture or Digital Transfer

Transferring printed images into artwork has never been so easy using the techniques discovered by Andy Skinner.

Porous surfaces work well (like paper, cardstock, bisque, wood, fabric etc).  

You will need a laser copy or print and some of DecoArt's Americana Gloss spray sealer.  A Brayer would be handy too (or you can just rub with your finger). 


Artist Graphite Carbon Transfer Paper

These graphite transfer sheets/carbon papers are ideal for design text and pattern transfer. Graphite paper also known as ARTIST TRANSFER PAPER is an easy and efficient way for artists to transfer their images onto surfaces like canvas wood bisque or paper. Unwanted lines are simply removed with an eraser.   Put simply, this is an artists/crafters version of tracing paper.

Graphite transfer paper works like carbon paper. Simply place the sheet of graphite paper on top of your surface and underneath the pattern you want to transfer. Make a copy by pressing hard over the lines of the top copy image.

Sold as a single sheet.