Internet Based Craft Businesses

E-tailing Craft Products, Finished Items or Services


Online/Internet Business Ideas

Many new businesses are internet based.  Internet sales are rapidly increasing and it is predicted that growth will continue.  If you want to start your own online business or become an "e-tailer", then you will reach a much broader target audience.  However, you will need to spend longer ensuring you meet the statutory business requirements like Distance Selling Regulations.

It is really important to consider whether you have the right drive and personality to run an internet business i.e. do you thrive on learning new things, challenging yourself, achieving goals, and reaping the rewards of your effort?  A website needs to be continually maintained to be successful and must meet the necessary website guidelines.

You will need to determine whether you plan to sell a physical product, services or both.

Operating a website shop, e-trading, online store:

  • Selling craft materials
  • Selling hand-made items
  • Selling via social sites (e.g Facebook)
  • Selling via marketplace stores (e.g. Etsy, Folksy, Not On The High Street, Amazon & Ebay)

If you want the right knowledge and support to start your own rewarding business or purely need wholesale craft supplies, then we can help:

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