Kilns Accessories & Tools

Glazing and Firing Essentials

The lists below have been produced as a guideline to help novice ceramic decorators or new business owners.

 Glazing Tools Check List

  • Underglaze pencil/ceramic pencil
  • Glaze
  • Large plastic container (for dip glazing)
  • Viscosity Cup or Hydrometer
  • Cocktail sticks
  • Dipping Tongs
  • Sponge & Pallet Knife
    (or section of hard pile carpet )
  • Water Supply (or water jug) 
  • Water spray bottle
  • Drying Mats 
  • Area for items waiting to be glazed
  • Area for item glazed and waiting to dry

 Firing Room Check List

  • Stilts
  • Stilt Stone
  • Kiln Props
  • Kiln Shelves
  • Bead and Ornament Racks
  • Plate Cranks
  • Tile Setters  Bead and Ornament Rack 
  • Kiln Gloves
  • Pyrometric Orton Cones
  • Kiln Cement
  • Kiln Venting Kits
  • Batt Wash
  • Collection or packaging area

 Misc Tools & Supplies 

  • Decals (pottery transfers)
  • Banding Wheels
  • Piping Paste (a slip based product used for piping or trailing)
  • Sponges (sea, hydra, lollies, bondel, rubber scrubber)
  • Gift Boxes
  • Clay Block (grog, terracotta, earthenware)
  • Handbuilding Tools (shaped cutters and tools) 
  • Clay Carbon Paper (pottery transfer paper)
  • Clock Movements
  • Letter Stamps (foam)
  • Plate Hangers or Plate Stands
  • Clay Guns (or Klay Guns)
  • Kemper Decorating Tools
    (a set of design tools for making outlines in glaze)
  • Tools - Wipe Out, Pallet Knife, Razor, Scratch 'n' Lift
  • Nibs (loose to attach to writer bottles for fine outlining)
  • Empty Writer Bottles and 2oz Plastic Bottles
  • Cork Backing (for tiles)
  • Frames (for tiles or pottery artwork)
  • Findings (for pottery jewellery)
  • Porcelain Pens (for signature plates)

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