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Frequently Asked Questions

I have no experience in using a kiln - should this concern me?

Country Love Crafts can give you all the support you need in buying and setting up your kiln. 

Our Start Your Own Pottery Painting Business and Glazing and Kiln Firing Training and Advice training courses both explain how to glaze, fire and manage your kiln.  In addition, we are happy to provide as much telephone or e-mail support as necessary.  We don't want to sell you a kiln and leave you to struggle.  Our aim is to make your business a success so that you continue to order through us - a win, win situation.

What is the most popular kiln for my business?

The Nabertherm Top 60 tends to be the most popular size kiln for hobbyists and small business owners
The Nabertherm Top 190 tends to be the next best seller but this is more suited to larger businesses like studios or clay cafes.

Can I order an electrical appliance from you with appropriate wiring for my country?

All of the electrical appliances we stock are wired for UK use.  However, some of our manufacturers are able to supply country-specific wiring e.g. Nabertherm (our kiln manufacturer).  Therefore, it is best to call or e-mail us with your individual enquiry.

What is included in the kiln price?

All pottery kilns come with a 3 year warranty and both Nabertherm & Potterycrafts have a UK support team.  Included in the kiln price is £100 worth of free bisque (based on retail prices) and two FREE spaces on our "Glazing and Kiln Firing" course.  We can also send a few bottles of underglaze and glaze to try.  If you have limited knowledge of using a kiln and associated products, then please let us know and we will be happy to support you whilst you learn.  For example, we provide step-by-step instructions on programming the kiln for use with our products.

  • Please remember that you need to ensure your insurance policy (this includes a home policy if you are based from home) is changed to reflect that you are using a kiln.   Our Business Guide to Craft Insurance may help.
  • Please check the dimensions of every doorway and corridor to make sure that the kiln will fit through.  Remember to include lift doors etc
  • Please check with an electrician that the ampage of the kiln will not affect the electrical supply at the site. 
  • If you order a 13amp kiln, we do not recommend the use of extension leads with the kilns.
  • What if the doorway or corridor is too small to fit the kiln?

Please speak to us if you envisage problems.  Our manufacturers have support teams based in the UK so we should be able to organise for the kilns to be fitted on site or seek advice regarding installation.

Will my kiln produce dangerous fumes?

Kilns are an electrical appliance and they do not emit toxic fumes.  However, the products on the items fired may well cause problems such as an unpleasant smell.  Most of the products we sell at Country Love Crafts are lead-free and non-toxic.  For more information and guidelines on this topic, go to The Health and Safety Executive website at or Orton.  If you are keen to vent the kiln, we do sell a kiln vent kit manufactured by Orton.  There are also some good firing tips on this website. 

How much does it cost to run a kiln?

This does depend on the size of the kiln, how many items are inside the kiln (if the kiln is fully loaded it will take longer to penetrate heat into the wares) and the cost you are paying per unit of electricity.

Calculating Typical Firing Costs (figures are an estimation only - all kilns and firings are unique)

For our products, the firing will be typically 6-6½ hours up to a top temperature of 1020°c.  We are using a "sample" rate of 12p per kw per hour.  This kiln is 3kw, 230v.

To cost the firing take the following:

A=Kilowatt rating of kiln (taken from data plate).
B=Firing times in hours x 0.6 (since the kiln is only on full power towards the end of its cycle).
C=Cost per kilowatt/unit (taken from your electricity bill)

Formula:  A x B x C = 3kw x 6.5 x 0.6 x 0.12 = £1.40 for a typical 6½ hour bisque firing.

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