Pottery Glazing & Kiln Firing

Training and Support


Glazing and Kiln Loading

Ceramic decorating or pottery painting is a specialist craft that requires a small amount of training.  There are many product variations so it is important to choose compatible supplies.

Kiln firing, glazing and firing pottery or ceramics can produce unexpected results.  Many novice potters or ceramic business owners experience glaze defects or issues like:  "rough to touch pottery", pin pricking, orange peel effects, blackened pottery, uneven glaze, milky glaze, glazed items with blisters or crateholes, glaze that shivers, colour/glaze that "pings off" (like chipped nail varnish), cracked bisque, rough, grainy or bubbled glazed pieces, crazing/delayed crazing or even colour problems with underdeveloped red, pink or purple and black glazes or underglazes that look blue or milky after firing.

We have written nearly 30 information articles on pottery glazing and kiln firing.  Click here for a link to the articles.

Country Love Crafts run a Glazing and Kiln Firing training course.  The course is essential for all new business owners or as a refresher course for existing business owners and/or potters.  Learn different methods of glazing and how to load and fire a kiln.  This course has been one of our most popular training topics for nearly a decade.  Delegates will benefit from practical glazing sessions and a copy of our ‘Glazing & Firing' manual – a document packed full of helpful glazing and kiln loading hints and tips.

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