Kilns Model Types & Styles

Desktop, Front or Top Loading

Country Love Crafts distribute kilns on behalf of two manufacturers:

Top Loading and Front Loading Pottery Ceramic Kilns

  • Nabertherm Kilns are worldwide leaders with over 60 years of experience in kiln manufacturing.  Their kilns are located in private homes, potteries, businesses, schools, nurseries and kindergartens around the world.  Nabertherm are a German manufacturer with a UK nationwide support team.  Kilns come with a 3 year warranty.
  • Potterycrafts Kilns are manufactured in the UK and represent excellent value for money.  These energy efficient kilns are a very popular with choice with UK schools.  These kilns are supported by a nationwide service team.  Kilns come with a 3 year warranty.

Desktop Silver Clay & Enamelling Kiln

We sell a great desktop kiln that is ideal for enamelling , precious metal clay, glass, beading, annealing, polymer clays (like Fimo and Sculpey) and hardening of other metals.

  • Prometheus Kilns are manufactured in Turkey.  The Prometheus Pro-1 kiln is a great, low-cost desktop kiln that is popular with hobbyists and professionals.  It is perfect for small-scale work.