Loose Pottery Crystals

Mix with glaze or apply to wet glaze


Special effects from Glaze Crystals

Spectrum Glaze now has a series of 12 Glaze Crystals that can be used with any glaze to produce special effects. The crystals are packaged dry in 1 oz. and 4 oz. Jars They can either be mixed into a glaze or applied on the surface of a glaze that is still wet. They work well on hi-fire and low-fire glazes and produce especially interesting results on the Spectrum Low Stone Glazes.  
Spectrum Glaze Crystals will look different depending on which base glaze they are applied to and the exact firing conditions. These crystals are very versatile. Use successfully from low fire (cone 06/04) to high-fire (cone 4/6) and in some cases to cone 10. They can be combined, using two or more colours on a piece. Apply manually on top of a wet glaze surface. They can be mixed into a liquid glaze. However, the crystals are large and heavy, which means that they will tend to settle to the bottom of the glaze container.

Therefore, you have to stir the glaze often if you choose to mix the crystals into a glaze. It is highly recommended that you test any glaze-crystal combination in your exact firing condition to make sure you get the results you want. A wide variety of results can be obtained from a single type of crystal depending on the type of base glaze.