Mini Paint Pot Blister Sets

Small or mini pots of paint




Kits, Small Projects or Tester Pots

These value paint pot sets (also known as blister packs) come in a variety of colour, paint type and size options.  They are ideal for groups, parties, schools, camp projects and retail businesses.  Why not make your own painting kits? 

Paint Pot Sets are excellent for smaller painting projects and for doing detail work on larger projects. Mini paint pot sets, taster pots.

Empty Plastic Paint Pots Sets are also available to buy.

  • CLDPAK236 - Holiday Favorites
  • CLDAPK237-B - Spooky Sparkles Americana Paint Pot Set
  • CLDAPK239-B - Merry Metallics Americana Paint Pot Set
  • CLDAPK240-B - Seasonal Sparkle Americana Paint Pot Set
  • CLDAPK241 - 64 Pot Halloween Paint Pot Set
  • CLDAPK242-A - Primary Value Pack Paint Pot Set
  • CLDAPK243-A - 64 Pot Holiday Paint Pot Set
  • CLDAPK244 - Primary Colours Americana Paint Pot Set
  • CLDAPK245 - Tropical Brights Americana Paint Pot Set
  • CLDAPK252 - Fabric Classics SoSoft Paint Pot Set (Textile Paint) 
  • CLDAPK254 - Garden Patio Paint Pot Set (Outdoor Paint)
  • CLDAPK255 - Gloss Enamels Amer Paint Pot Set (China Paints)
  • CLDAPK257 - Glass Stain Paint Pot Set (Glass Paints)
  • CLDAPK325 - Multi-Surface Essentials Paint Pot Set
  • CLDAPK326 - Multi-Surface Primary Paint Pot Set
  • CLDAPK327 - Multi-Surface Calypso Paint Pot Set

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