Napkin Art

Hand-painted designs using napkins and clear mediums.


Napkin Decoupage, Napkin Art, Napkin Decorating

Create beautiful, hand painted designs on a variety of surfaces.

Ideal for terracotta, fabric, candles, soap, glassware and many other surfaces.

Basic instructions are as follows:

  1. Clean surface (metal, glass, candles and soap objects need advanced preparation and further instruction – see
  2. Basecoat with acrylic paint.  
  3. Use scissors to cut out napkin elements as desired for surfaces. Separate printed ply from napkin. 
  4. Working with one surface at a time, apply Clear Coat on area to receive napkin; position and adhere napkin; use brush and more Clear Coat to smooth out.
  5. Work from the centre outwards to avoid bubbles and wrinkles.

Click here for a downloadable napkin art instruction leaflet providing further instructions about applying napkins to an assortment of surfaces.

Whether a novice or experienced crafter, Napkin decorating makes it easy for anyone to add colourful, intracate designs to:

  • terracotta
  • fabric
  • candles
  • soap
  • ornaments
  • wood
  • plastic
  • Styrofoam
  • papier mache
  • glassware 
  • ceramics
  • costume jewellery

Create your own hand-painted designs?

For ideas and instructions go to the project library at and use “napkin” as a search word.

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