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Orton Ceramic Foundation - Ceramic Pottery Support

Orton Ceramic Foundation provides products and services to more than 70 countries worldwide. The primary purpose of the Foundation (based in Westerville, Ohio, USA) is to provide products to assist and enhance high temperature processing of ceramics and other materials. The secondary purpose of the Orton Ceramic Foundation is to utilize the net proceeds from the primary purpose to support investigations and studies that will aid in the processing of materials for its customers.

Did you know that Orton Ceramics have a great resource library on their website at Both traditional and contemporary set-ups will find the information articles useful - whether you are operating a kiln in a Clay Cafe, "Paint Your Own Pottery" Studio, Pottery, School, College, University or home.  

Why not check out their FIRING TIPS articles on this page:  There are some great "printable" articles including information on cone firing too.  Some of the kiln firing topics covered are listed below. 

  • Firing FAQ
  • Firing Lead-Free Glazes
  • Firing Red Glazes (including pink, purple and red underglaze issues - poor colour development, colour loss etc)
  • Solving Glaze Defects (blisters, craters, pinholes, glaze surface defects)
  • Understanding Crazing (delayed crazing, hairline glaze cracks)
  • Avoiding Carbon Burnout Problems (charcoal patches in glazing)
  • Cracking and Warping (cracks in fired wares)
  • Cracking and Thermal Shock
  • Firing Ceramic Bodies
  • Firing Handbuilt or Thick Castware
  • Making Foodware Safe
  • Porcelain Firing Guide
  • Repair & Maintenance of Kiln Sitter
  • Success with Decals
  • Successful Glass Fusing
  • Success with Golds
  • Success with Lusters
  • Understanding Heat Transfer
  • Improving Kiln Uniformity
  • Loading a kiln for Best Results
  • Kiln Safety Manual