Pearl, Lustre, Irridescent Onglazes

Pearlescent Shimmer and Shine

Lustrous or Iridescent Shimmer

A Mother-of-Pearl Overglaze may provide iridescent beauty and/or a classic lustre to enhance your piece.  Mother of Pearl is a translucent overglaze that can be easily applied.  Its appearance will vary with the type of glaze over which it is applied:  over a gloss glaze it will add a shiny lustre; when applied over a matte glaze, it will add a subtle sheen.

Use over fired white or coloured pottery.  This is a low-fire "finishing" glaze.

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CLLUSTRE MOP - Mother/Pearl Rainbow Colour G4472
CLLUSTRE SILVER - Silver Lustre - 0G-0802

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Dinnerware Safety:

Overglazes can be used on surfaces that come into contact with food and drink. Care must be taken to avoid hard scrubbing when washing overglazed ware, because of the possibility of scraping off the thin layer of metal or lustre. Treat your overglazed pieces as you would bone china. Although overglazed ware will take repeated washings in a dishwasher, the overglaze will eventually wear away. Note: Ware decorated with metallic overglazes should not be used in microwave ovens.