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Paint Your Own Pottery


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Pottery Painting

Painting pottery is perfect for children's birthday parties or social occasions like hen parties or corporate events - it is good fun and brings out the creative side of any person.  What is more, little or no artistic skill is needed as even polka dots look good on any pottery shape.

Hand-painted pottery provides a perfect and unique gift for any occassion - wedding, anniversary, christening, birth, birthdays, Mother's Day, Father's Day, leaving presents.  Children's handprints and footprints on plates make for a good present for family members. Pottery painting requires very little dexterity making it a popular pastime for young children, the elderly and even people with special needs.

Pottery painting is typically offered by craft businesses (known as paint your own pottery studios or clay cafes), craft events or even in kits for use at home:

  • a painter chooses an item of bisque to decorate
  • the bisque will be decorated with ceramic colour (known underglazes and glazes) - painting time averages between 30 mins and 2 hours
  • the painter then leaves the masterpiece with the business owner to be glazed and fired
  • the finished item (known as glazed ware) is collected, posted or delivered back a few days later or within pre-agreed timescales

Country Love Crafts is the UK leader in the field of training and business development for pottery painting businesses.  We offer a one stop shop for all their needs.

The set up costs for starting a paint your own pottery business are remarkably low while the potential profit margins are incredibly high.

To summarise, it is possible to "paint your own pottery" by:

"Paint Your Own Pottery" or hobby ceramics provides an uniquely different hobby, pastime or form of entertainment.

Hobby Ceramics has become a popular pastime over the past few years. Hobby ceramics studios and arts and craft centres are full of children and adults painting pottery with under glazes. Classes or sessions generally last for an hour or two. Ceramic pieces of white earthenware bisque are available in every shape imaginable. Animals, cars, trains, planes, figurines, tableware and even skulls, wizards and dragons are now available. Everyone seems to have joined in this creative hobby and schools, colleges and activity centres are all seeking a reliable source of ceramic bisque. Ceramic is also an ideal base for application of other decorative art products like acrylic paints. Hobby Ceramics businesses have flourished and training, education, artistic and business development has been a feature of Country Love Crafts, the largest supplier of hobby ceramic bisque products in the UK.