Pottery Resist & Repel Pottery Products

Burn off or peel off protection for amazing decorations


Advanced ceramic decorating designs

Both products create a variety of special effects and unique applications.

Wax Resist 2oz

Duncan Wax Resist - ideal for pottery painting or ceramic decorating. It repels underglazes & glazes applied over it. The wax resist burns off during the firing process revealing designs or base colours. This product does not chip or crack when designing sgraffito creations.

Available in 2oz squeeze bottle. Sold Individually

Mask n Peel 2oz

Duncan Mask and Peal - ideal for pottery painting or ceramic decorating.  Formulated to protect design areas or glaze/underglaze colours. Apply over or under glazes & underglaze.  Wait to dry.  Paint designs and remove "peel" prior to glazing and firing.  This is a water-based product .  Easy cleanup.  Remember to ensure all of the peel is removed.

Available in 2oz squeeze bottle.  Sold Individually