Speckled and Fleckled Pottery

Spotty, dotty, freckled and speckled finishes


Specks for added creativity!

Duncan Sprinkles

When fired, these underglazes shows specs of colour through out the solid colour providing some fun results.

Ideal for pottery painting or ceramic decorating. Add colour to bisque or use for majolica designs with this assortment of 12 speckled translucent underglaze colours for use on bisque or majolica. These high quality underglazes create a wonderful high quality finish. Safe for use on food containers or tableware when (1) applied to full coverage or (2) when a non-toxic food-safe clear glaze is applied. Suitable for use with CLDN GL001 Duncan Clear Glazes or CLCG006 Hobby Colorobbia Clear Glazes.

Firing range: Cone 06 to cone 6.

Available in 8oz squeeze bottle sizes (US size).

Sold Individually