Princess or Prince Party

A royal treat for the king or queen, prince or princess


Royalty Rules!

Create a party fror a Prince orPrincess by decorating our assortment of paintable shapes.

Why not make it a fancy dress or dressing up party too! 

Our assortment of crowns, masks, boxes, mirrors and mecals can be adorned with jewels, stickers, shapes, sequins, pom poms, wire, stones or other craft embellishments for a brilliant themed party or event. 

Add glamour with the pearlescent medium or shades of metallic shimmer. 

Organise a princess pamper or royal parade at the end of the party! 

Stock suggestions:

Paint with Americana Acrylics or offer the Paint Pot Sets for a great assortment of mini pots of paint! 

Don't forget that glitter paints will add that special sparkle.