Aurora Top Loading - Model P59230

Mercury 30 Top Loading - Model P59220

13amp (domestic plug)
Home or Small Business Kiln



Auora P59230/203
Volumn: 40 litre
Max Temp: 1260°C 
Internal chamber:  41cm(d) x 31cm(h)
External chamber: 56cm(w) x 73cm(d) x 60cm(h)
Weight: 56Kg
Supply required: 13amp
Connected power: 3kw
13amp domestic plug


Potterycrafts Top Loading Kilns are ideal for domestic situations, professional studios or schools and colleges working on a small to medium scale.

State of the art materials are used in the construction of these kilns; for example ultra efficient low thermal mass insulation bricks, granular insulation, backup blanket and boards.  However Potterycrafts kilns are also still built using many of the older traditional skills associated with the Potteries.

NB:  Extension leads are not recommended when using this appliance (due to the power requirements needed to supply this appliance).

Features & Benefits:

  • Low thermal bubble insulation bricks.
  • Backup insulation giving .
  • Laser profiled stainless steel outer jacket .
  • The kilns floor is manufactured with Ultralite granular insulation (normally found in industrial kilns). 
  • Gas struts to aid lid opening.
  • Floating hinge for free lid movement during the firing process (reduces stress cracks and prolongs life of kiln) .
  • Heavy duty graded, embedded elements.
  • Excellent temperature control.
  • 60mm castors (two brakes) for greater ease of movement.
  • Three vent holes to assist with venting / cooling (one chimney that can be ducted if required).
  • Large electric housing box (to increase airflow).
  • Kiln Controller Mounting Bracket.
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