Steampunk Art and Crafts

Victorian Technology Inspired Crafts


Steampunk Art & Crafts

Steampunk is an antique, vintage, grunge style with an eclectic mix of:  technology and romance; old and new; deconstruction and re-building. 

Steampunk typically has a Victorian or 19th Century influence and often incorporates elements of science fiction, supernatural fantasy, history or speculative inventions. 

Designs have an aged look and often include distressing, rust effects and machinery components commonly associated with airships or steam engines (like cogs, brass and copper fittings etc). 

Steampunk is the re-imagination of an old time period in a modern era.

Use our wood, pottery and paper mache blanks to create your own steampunk crafts. 

DecoArt's paints and mediums can be used to create wonderful aged, vintage or antique effects e.g. rust, patina etc.