Stencil Painting

Simple stencilling & embellishing



Decorate by Design

DecoArt Stencil Paint is a thick, creamy acrylic paint, ideal for stenciling on wood, walls, papier mache, canvas, and more. Easily accent home and other decorative accessories with easy-to-blend designer colours. DecoArt Stencil Paint is non-toxic and cleans up with soap and water. Apply on wood, walls, papier mache, canvas, watercolour paper, posterboard, plastic, fabric and metal. 

Ideal for use with all types of stencils.  24 intermixable colors for easy blending and shading.  Safe, non-toxic formula with easy soap and water clean-up. Highly pigmented.  Matches regular Americana Acrylic colours. Can be used for basecoating.

Laurie Speltz Instant Image Stencils. Apply a Base coat and then Embellish. A simple fast & fun way to be creative. Layer these stencils to create hundreds of original designs. Use themed design templates along with custom tools & brushes. Great for home décor paper crafts scrapbooking & decorative painting.

DecoArt Stencil Program.  Decoart Frame Stencils makes it easy to personalise and embellish frame with these perfect fitting stencils. Ideal for gifts parties group crafts home and office decor.

Just simply basecoat the frame and then position the stencil over and apply paint. This durable stencil can be used over and over. Great for kids as well as adults. Perfect to fit product code: CLDA WPF01 Frame Wood Blank