Stone Pottery Glazes

Low firing reactive glazes in earthy tones


Earthy tones and impressive finishes

These glazes give the appearance of a stoneware finish.

The Spectrum Low Stone Glaze series consists of 62 reactive low fire glazes including earthy matte glazes, bright glossy glazes, vivid coloured glazes, speckled glazes as well as metallic coloured glazes. The commonality between all 62 glazes is their reactivity to their thickness of application, the shape and details of the ware as well as the firing temperature and soak.

The complete line of Spectrum Low Stone Glazes are lead-free and food-safe when properly fired.  Most are nontoxic for safe use in the classroom. Additional product and technical information is available. Spectrum Low Stone 900 Series Glazes are designed for brushing application and are formulated for Cone 06-04 firing, but for best results should be fired to 05 or 04.

Please see individual labels for further technical information or visit the Spectrum website.