KTOP45 Top Loading Kiln

13 amp (domestic plug)
Home or Small Business Kiln




External dimensions: 58cm width x 75cm depth x 67cm height
Internal dimensions:  41
cm width x 34cm height
Weight 60kg, Power  3,6kw or 2,9kw (eco), Volume 45 litre
Temperature Max.  1300°c
Connection Voltage: 1-phase


Good firing results, lightweight and an attractive design are only a few of the advantages of Nabertherm's top loading kilns.  Castors come as a standard feature for ease of mobility. They are the perfect kiln for hobbyists, small workshops, private artists (china painting, pottery, ceramics, glass), ceramic cafés, clay cafés, "paint your own pottery" businesses or small potteries.  It is a multi-layer, energy saving, high performance kiln that is well insulated but appropriately ventilated for maximum performance.  Strong gas dampers are fitted for easy opening along with structured stainless steel casing.  We like the simplicity of the controller programming too.

NB:  Extension leads are not recommended when using this appliance (due to the power requirements needed to supply this appliance).

Features and Benefits

  • Top quality kiln with GS safety mark and CE approved. 
  • Embedded heating elements
  • Heating from all sides
  • Solid state relays provide for low-noise operation
  • Precise temperature control
  • Lid interlock safety switch
  • Multiple layers of insulation for low power consumption and low exterior temperatures
  • ECO models are fitted with special high-grade, energy-saving backing insulation
  • Lightweight refractory bricks (inside furnace chamber) ensure clean firing results
  • Adjustable air inlet opening for good ventilation and shorter cooling times
  • Exhaust air outlet on furnace side (with stub for pipe of diameter 80 mm)
  • Lockable castors for easy transport of kiln without the need for lifting.
  • Top firing temperatures of 1200 °C or 1300 °C depending on model.