Tube Lining, Dimensional, Pottery Engobes

Dimensional Pottery Colour

High Pile Pottery Defintion

Duncan French Dimensions

Duncan French Dimensions are high-pile glazes for raised design effects, such as dots, stripes, squiggles and outlines, over and under non-moving glazes and over each other. They are a low fire product used for decorative accents.  Non-toxic and dinnerware safe.  French Dimensions are similar to the many raised slip based products on the market.  However they are a glaze based product with a high grade colour intensity.  Duncan French Dimensions can be applied to either greenware or bisque.

Duncan French Dimensions are packed in a 1.25 ounce bottle designed for ease of application. The bottle has a fine-writer tip built into the bottle. 

Spectrum Raised Accents

Spectrum Raised Accent colours are slip based colors (or engobes) which are available in 2 oz applicator pens for decorating on greenware or bisque. They create embossed or raised designs on ceramic decorative work because the colours do not flatten out when they are fired.  Can also be brushed on as an engobe that needs no clear glaze covering. Lead Free, Non-Toxic. Cone 06/04.  The bottle has a fine-writer tip built into the bottle.  A fine metal nib is available to buy for finer application.

Testing is recommended for colour changes at high temperatures.

Spectrum's R.A.C. Series is A.P. Non-Toxic and Dinnerware Safe.

Spectrum 3D Piping Paste is the same product and is available in pint size bottles (US) in two colours:  neutral and black.