What Is Decopatch?

Specialist decorative papers, papier mache shapes & more


Decopatch - The Company & The Brand

The Company

Decopatch is a French company based in France.  The official Decopatch website is

The Brand

Decopatching is a playful adaptation and modern version of decoupage - the French word decoupage, or decouper, meaning to cut out. It is the creative art of assembling, pasting and varnishing paper cut outs to decorate objects, from simple designs to more complex works of art.  Decopatch is is a rapidly growing craft trend that is incredibly popular in France but it is relatively new to the UK craft industry.

The Products

Decopatch papers can be used as a very simple but effective way of decorating items with any kind of surface (flat or uneven).  It can be applied on multiple surfaces i.e. ceramics, wood, earthenware, terracotta, glassware, paper, metal, candles and soap and more. 

The finished result is a brightly coloured item with a strong surface, smooth texture and a wonderful paint effect. 

Decopatch papers produce a smooth texture and a real paint effect because the paper is deep-dyed and glazed. It will not break apart when glued, and the colors will never fade or run.  It is an easy hand-craft that is simple to learn.  The papers are brilliant for rejuvenating or re-cycling tired home décor items e.g. furniture can be covered, transformed or refurbished.  The papers are so thin and have excellent print quality so only one or two layers are required. 

TOP TIP:  If an item is base-coated with white acrylics prior to Decoapatching, the vibrancy of the Decopatch papers will be enhanced.

 If you want to try before you buy, why not come along to our Decopatch Demo Days.


Other Decopatch Products Decopatch also manufacture a great assortment of paper mache shapes including:  3D letters, animals (in small, medium, large and extra large sizes), moneyboxes/piggybanks, flat shapes, photograph frames, baskets, dishes, trays, boxes, trinket boxes and Christmas decorations.  They also supply glues, varnishes and brushes plus, for embellishing finished items, there are also dimensional paints and jewels.

Decopatching is an easy activity which can be enjoyed by all age groups and requires few materials.  It is great for upcycling or recyling.

Click here to view a Decopatch demonstration video.

Visit our gallery by clicking on the following link: Decopatch/Decoupage.